There is a basic question among all new casino players,  what is a poker table? A poker table is basically a kind of table designed to play card games between two or more players. It is also called a card table. These tables are generally used in casinos for its players to seat and play their card games.

Usually, modern poker tables have a wide top area to allow more casino players at the same time. These are often covered with baize or Teflon coated fabric cloths. It helps the players to slide their cards easily across the top surface of that table. The edge of the table is padded and also manufacturers raise the edges slightly for the players to rest their hands. This section is called rail. The center of the table is the area where the game is allowed to play. Often there are images or logos on that area of playing.

History of Poker Tables

The answer to the question of what is a poker table was not the same in past days as it is now. Around 1700 AD, card games started to become more popular and in the result of that, poker table arose. It was more like house furniture then. Tables were made smaller related to modern poker tables. Though the tables are different than today’s’ tables, the craze of poker games was not less in those days.

Types of Poker Table

After knowing what is a poker table, a casino lover will definitely seek for types of the poker table. There are basically four types:

  • Oval Poker Tables: These are generally full-sized card tables with an oval geometrical shape of the top surface. There are 8 to 10 seats available for players. You can find these tables in every big casino.
  • Round Poker Tables: These tables are also known as short-handed These have 6 to 8 seats available for players. Almost every casino has this kind of tables.
  • Table Top Poker Tables: Tabletops are tools that allow us to turn a non-poker table into a poker table. Good news is that you can buy it at home for your convenience to make your ordinary furniture a poker table.
  • Electronic Poker Tables: These tables have screens attached to it and the cards are played through that screen. These tables have come into the market for almost 10 years, though these are not much popular till now.

Where Can You Find Poker Tables?

After knowing what is a poker table and types of the poker table, you may search for the places where you can get them. You can find these tables in every casino. Also, you can find online poker tables on many casino gaming websites. These online casino tables such as Ladbrokes Poker, allow many online players to play poker games in real time. You can also buy these for your home form different sites. These tables are great for card games’ lovers to shuffle, distribute, bet, gamble and play card games.

Nowadays it is very common for every casino to have at least one poker table. Players prefer to play face to face while they want to have a match of the card game. That’s why these tables made its position at a level in gamblers’ minds and both real and online casinos. This is all you needed to know about the question of what is a poker table.

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