Poker Hands and Poker Cards

Ever wondered what the terms and for poker hands? Here is your bible!  I will keep adding to this list!

Poker Hands

Aces full – full house consisting three aces plus any pair.

Aces High – ace is the highest card, and there are no pairs or straights.

Air hand – has low value and the player may fold or bluff.

Ajax – starting hand has one J and one A.

American Airlines – starting hand has two A’s.

Backdoor – hand which needs the turn and river to to complete a winning hand. It’s generally making a hand other than what was intended and is considered lucky as opposed to a conscious online poker strategy.

Backdoor flush – the turn and river make the flush

Backdoor straight – a straight hand completed by cards dealt on the turn and river

Baskin Robbins – a hand containing the 3 and A. That is, 31 flavours. Get it!

Big Full The largest possible Full House.

Big Slick –  hand containing the A and K

Bottom End – lowest possible straight also called the idiot end.

Bottom Pair – lowest possible pair.

Broadway –  highest possible straight containing the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

 Colt 45 – a hand containing the 4 and 5.

Connectors starting hand with two cards that are consecutive in rank. E.g. a 4 and 3

Cowboys – mean the King card.

Poker Community Cards

Ace in the hole – one of the community cards is an A

Aces Wired –  two of the community cards flipped consecutively are Aces

Action Card – community card resulting in an increase in betting from multiple players

Base Dealing/Bottom Dealing – the dealer takes cards off the bottom of the deck instead of the top.

Blank – community card which does not change the value of the players hand.

Board –  community cards on the table.

Community Cards –  dealt initially face down in the middle of the table. They are then turn face up to add to the active players hand.

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