Ever wondered what the terms and for various poker strategies and plays? Here is your bible!  I will keep adding to this list!

Poker Player Actions

ABC Poker is an inexperienced poker player employing a basic strategy. Although, it is possible an experienced player could use this strategy as a bluff.

Action – a players bet of any kind.

Acting out of turn –  a player publicises their actions by folding or checking before it’s their turn.

Advertising – a poker player makes an obvious play such as “accidently” revealing their cards after they fold.

Algorithm is used by online poker sites such as Betfair Poker to randomise the card draw. Many players ask the question, is online poker rigged?

Bluff – a player pretends their poor hand is something better.

Bluff catcher – a hand that calls a player who has bluffed.

Check – a player declines to make a bet.

Crying Call – where a player is calls but is not confident of having the best hand. When proven correct, they cry!

Poker Betting

Add on – buying more chips in between hands.

All in a player bets their entire stack.

Ante – the bet required by each player prior to the cards being dealt.

Bankroll – money used to play poker.

Bet blind –  a bet without looking at the cards.

Big stack is a large stack of chips

Bleeding chips – losing all the consistently. Like bleeding cash.

Bust –  a player loses all their money

Buy-in –  minimum amount required to play in a poker game.

Call – matching the most recent bet.

Cashing out finishing the poker game and exchanging the chips for cash.

Colour Up is to trade your chips for ones of higher value.



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